15 January 2012 @ 05:09 pm

CHARACTER NAME: James Sunderland
TIMELINE: Somewhere during the exploration of the Silent Hill Historical Society. After he saves Angela from the Abstract Daddy, but before he encounters Eddie for the last time.


Backtagging: YES! I will backtag forever with you. Seriously, like... forever and ever. If you think I've dropped a thread that you really wanted to continue, ALWAYS feel free to ping me! I may have just lost track of it.

Threadhopping: Just ask first. The worst I can say is no!

Fourthwalling: It's fine with me within reason-- in all likelihood, it will be met with bewilderment or denial.

Offensive subjects: I'm really easygoing! I'm comfortable talking about most things and given that James is an ~*~ADULT~*~, I'm not gonna start hyperventilating if characters like.... I don't know, hit on him or something.

That said, on an ooc note, there are certain kinks* (such as the romanticization of pedophilia and/or parents entering sexual relationships with their children) that really bother me for very personal reasons. If you're into those things in fiction, it's none of my business. But please, please do not bring them up to or try to discuss them with me, it makes me very uncomfortable.

*it should be noted that I am ONLY talking about the kinks, here-- as a real-world, serious issue, I am completely fine with discussing (and researching, writing about, etc) the subject! It's only the fetishization or support/encouragement of these things that I find upsetting.

.... NOW, on the OTHER end of the scale...! Silent Hill is a very dark canon that frequently deals with things that can be very triggery and upsetting. James's story in particular deals with some very disturbing themes and situations, and mentions of these things (bullying, death, child abuse/molestation) may come up here and there in my tags if James reflects on certain memories.
If any of my tags contains anything that you really don't wanna see or upsets you, firstly I heartily apologize and secondly, please let me know so that I know which things to avoid mentioning when tagging with you! RP is a fun escape from reality and the last thing I'd want to do is make anyone playing with me uncomfortable!


Hugging this character: Go ahead! He is... extremely awkward but he'll probably return the hug! He's a nice fella.

Kissing this character: Go ahead! He might even go along with it, but be warned, he'll likely tug away after a second or two and pull this face when he suddenly remembers that no, the other party is not Mary.

Flirting with this character: Go ahead! He.... PROBABLY WON'T NOTICE.

Fighting with this character: Go ahead! He might kinda suck at fighting back, but he's a big guy. He can handle it.

Injuring this character: Please, nothing permanent without asking me first-- but as long as you give me a holler, it's all peachy!

Torturing/Raping this character: Neither of these are subjects I'm interested in dealing with if there's any kind of overt fetishizing involved. If it's just for the sake of smut, I really don't wanna participate. It's nothing personal, I'm just not into that kind of RP!
In terms of storytelling and realistic character interactions, though, if the plot calls for it and the characters are in a position where either could potentially happen, it's not going to scare me off if it does, AS LONG AS we talk about it oocly first (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)! I like dark, I like gritty. Is coo'.

Killing this character: Please don't? :c

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Fine with me, although all the other party will likely receive is a giant jumble of overwhelming emotions. Talk to me if you want your character to read James's mind and I'll let you know what they'd find!

Warnings: This is a horror game, so I honestly doubt anything James winds up doing will be a huge shock. But just for the sake of mentioning, James does come from a violent and disturbing canon and this will probably be reflected in his tags.

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